Cosmic Eclipse League Cup

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Thank you for your interest in our League Cup! Please fill out the online registration:

Filling out the form does NOT guarantee you a spot unless you pay online or in person.

If you show up and have not paid in advance, we will only be able to accommodate you if there is space. We can only host a maximum of 50 people.

Entry is $15 and includes a special League Cup promo (While supplies last. Players who have paid and registered in advance will be prioritized).

The top 8 of each division will have prize support. Each division's winner will also receive a Champion play mat.

There will also be additional giveaways throughout the day.

Tournament Details:
Standard Format
Swiss, Best of 3 (Number of rounds based on attendance)
45 minutes per round

There will be a mandatory, Single Elimination Bo3 top cut, so please plan ahead.

Please try to have your deck list ready to go upon arriving! Use this deck list generator if possible: