Mr. Walls, the Quartermaster

Mr. Walls, the Quartermaster

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Rowdy, disorganized and untrustworthy even to one another, Sea Dogs are gangs of sea-dwelling deck-hands who gather together in shadowy port bars, plotting their next great haul - they care not for whom they work, but only for the gold coins which they earn, which they quickly drink and gamble away before their next calamitous adventure.

Mustered together from disreputable coastal taverns and wharves, the Sea Dogs are motley pirates hungry for spoils. Armed with swords and pistols and barely kept in check by grizzled mates, the Sea Dogs serve any master with sufficient coin. What they lack in training and manners they make up for with frightening bluster and enthusiastic avarice.

Any Sea Dog worth his salt can lay claim to an old pistol, but those owning an accurate long rifle are doubly prized for being able to lay down fire at nearly twice the distance. Such shots from atop the crow's nest or the ship's prow have made all the difference by picking off enemy officers and boarders before they can close.

Packing more pistols than a paranoid gun mage, Mr. Walls is never seen without his pet monkey. Serving as Shae's quartermaster for the Sea Dogs, Mr. Walls knows how to motivate the men and inspire them to ferocity. His aim suffers from an old injury that took his eye, but he makes up for it by closing to give the enemy both barrels.