Seriallized Casino Dice 19mm (Purple) (Set of 5)

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Play your favorite games and enjoy

Use the high quality dice play your favorite game with your family and your family, enjoy the happiness it brings. Casino quality for craps, Farkle, Backgammon, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Magic: The Gathering, other role playing games, and even educational games in class.

Comfortable to play 

The large (19mm) size fits comfortably in your hand and plays great on any playing surface. They are large 19mm casino-grade dice with razor edges and corners made from the high quality raw material. 

High quality 

Each of the 21 pips are drilled to identical depths, and to ensure that all 6 sides maintain equal weight, the holes are then filled with a special white epoxy with the precise weight and density of the material that was removed during the drilling process. Before being professionally serialized to prevent tampering and preserve authenticity, these dice will be given a glossy, polished finish.