Blighted Nyss Strider Officer & Musician

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  Striders are tremendously efficient hunters and killers. Their skill with the bow derives from a unique mix of inherent Nyss ability and their own bodies’ blightbased enhancement. Possessed of keen instincts and endless stamina, in motion they seem more similar to animals than to the race from which they originated. Strider Scout Officers are trusted to operate autonomously, scouting each new region ahead of Everblight ’s quickly moving legion . Their prominence among the newly established blighted Nyss society reflects their shrewd anticipation of the needs of this growing army. Experts in ambush, striders are always prepared to harass and bloody the enemy and allow their opponents no reprieve from their unerring assaults.


  Striders rely on the call of the horn to communicate across desolate landscapes. By this sound they are called to gather and are subsequently set loose upon the enemies of Everblight. The Nyss have used such horns since ancient times to convey information rapidly across great distances, particularly in times of strife. The sudden sounding of these horns followed by a hail of deadly arrows has long terrified the humans of northern mountain towns. Nyss Musicians can convey a wealth of information in subtle shifts of tone and length of note. In battle they can also unleash a mournful wail that drowns out all other sound and sends an instinctive chill straight to the bones of their enemies.