What our customers say about Geeky Villain

Long time RPG and CCG gamer. Discovered this store recently. The owner is extremely friendly and has made a very customer friendly store. Lots of free tables and benches to easily play with friends, snacks are available, and prices are very fair. I definitely recommend it.

E Hall

This is by far my favorite Freindly Local Gaming store in the area! Lots of knowledgeable and friendly regulars and staff. This is a great community and I really enjoy going there for games!

Derrick Gesell

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! My wife and I visited this place on our visit from Montana. This store is clean, friendly, open, and filled with friendly people! We met Edward while we were there, what an awesome guy! We will be making this a mandatory stop every time we are in town!! GREAT store!!

Mike Hardy

Easily the best store of it's kind. The owner, Edward, is heavily invested in his community and throws amazing events. The store is constantly expanding and listening to its customers. To give you an idea of how highly I rate Geeky Villain, I live in Vancouver, Canada and try to make trips down there whenever I can. Enjoy!

Alex Kelsch

Geeky Villain

10121 Evergreen Way #25-331

Everett, WA 98204