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Years ago, Ignatius Ogilvy's parents had been murdered outside the Monarch Theater, not unlike another wealthy orphan's parents. His father Ed Ogilvy had been a small-time crook a while ago. He had been loyal to his employers but was murdered in the process of a business negotiation. After his father's death, Ignatius worked his way to becoming one of the Penguin's top lieutenants, and eventually, his right hand man and taking on the alias Emperor Penguin. While his father had never rocked the boat, Ignatius had seen how that worked out for him and decided to own the boat instead.

When the Joker returned to Gotham City, Cobblepot was rounded up by the Joker to help with his plan at Arkham Asylum. Penguin put Ogilvy in charge of his operations in his temporary absence, knowing that whatever the Joker was planning was going to be time consuming and ugly. Ogilvy, however, used the Penguin's absence to take over his gang completely. Ignatius freed Poison Ivy from an almost inescapable death and, adopting the alias Emperor Penguin, formally commandeered Cobblepot's operations.

This blister contains 1 highly detailed metal miniature.