Theros Beyond Death Theme Booster Pack - White

Theros Beyond Death Theme Booster Pack - White

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Theme booster from Theros Beyond Death: White

Return to the mythical Theros and explore the mysterious underworld! Learn about Theros' rich history with epic sagas and prove your dedication to the gods. Will you help Elspeth to escape from the underworld? The constellations of Nyx sparkle with endless possibilities. Which path will you choose?

A red theme booster is a special booster with a lot of red cards. Because the cards in this theme booster connect well together, building a new deck is quick and easy. After adding basic lands you are ready to play.

A theme booster contains 35 Magic: the Gathering cards which one rare and several uncommons and commons. In approximately one in eight theme boosters you will find no rare, but a mythic rare!