Shinobots, Shinobot Gunner, & UCI Jet

Shinobots, Shinobot Gunner, & UCI Jet

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Uber Corp’s Shinobot Division is proud to present a number of rapid semi-autonomous multi-role infiltration and discrete elimination robotic units for immediate sale to the company’s most discerning clientele. The Shinobot is a low-cost close-range infiltrator, while the Shinobot Gunner is equipped with a fault-free launcher and an array of seeker missiles capable of fulfilling all long-range elimination needs. The Uber Jet supports Shinobot ground forces with innovative force field and teleportation hardware to vastly increase tactical options for commanders in the field.


Shinobots (2)
Elite Shinobot (1)
Shinobot Gunner (1)
UCI Jet (1)